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Schaumburg Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bradley Ashpole, provides cosmetic procedures to those in the Schaumburg, IL, area. The Ashpole Plastic Surgery clinic is a full-service facility offering a broad spectrum of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Treatment options include everything from mommy makeovers to breast implants, dermal fillers, and everything in between. Dr. Ashpole specializes in cosmetic procedures for the face and body, as well as numerous non-invasive procedures.

Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgery is helpful for reducing irregular curves and excess, loose skin. Treatment and procedure options include a tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift and liposuction. Plastic surgeons also offer body contouring after weight loss to give you the shape you desire.

Breast Augmentation Procedures

A Schaumburg plastic surgeon can help you achieve the natural look you’ve been looking for. We offer a variety of breast augmentation treatment options, including breast lift, breast reduction or breast reconstruction. We can also perform a breast implant revision if needed.

Face Procedures

A rhytidectomy, or facelift surgery, can help improve your appearance and reduce the signs of aging. Recent advancements ensure cosmetic procedures, such as eyelid surgery, neck lifts, chin augmentation and brow lift procedures, can be done with minimal scarring.

Medical Spa Procedures

Our Schaumburg clinic offers medical spa procedures, including Botox, as well as facial and body laser treatments. We also provide minimally invasive injectable skin care treatments, such as Juvederm, photo-rejuvenation, Restylane and chemical peels.

Are you ready to get the body you desire? Contact Schaumburg plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashpole, to discuss your options today.