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For many, the aging process is something that is dreaded and avoided at all costs. On the same note, the idea of enduring a procedure that involves extensive recovery time is something that many people don’t have the luxury to do. Thankfully, our team at Ashpole Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of treatment options to fit all of your needs!

Our faces are one of the first areas of our bodies that show our age. Wrinkles and fine lines can take a toll on how you feel in your own skin, even if you have an arsenal of skincare products on your side. If you have been hoping to make a small tweak to help drastically increase your confidence, FaceTite is the perfect combination of noninvasive while simultaneously offering drastic and noticeable results.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite provides a dramatic improvement in skin laxity on the face and neck, similar to that of a mini-facelift. FaceTite utilizes minimally invasive radio-frequency energy to reduce fat and simultaneously contract the skin to improve sagging or droopy areas that may make you self-conscious. The radio frequency energy is sent underneath your skin to help firm the tissue, tighten the skin and stimulate the production of collagen. You are left with surgical-like results without the added downtime that surgical procedures involve.

The procedure will start with our doctor numbing the treatment area with cream followed by an oral sedative. Once your skin is prepared, we will inject a light sedative followed by a tumescent anesthetic. Tiny incisions will be made and a probe will be inserted to heat the underlying facial or neck tissues, which causes them to tighten and contract.

What Areas Can Be Treated With FaceTite?

Regardless of where you feel insecure in your facial or neck area, FaceTite can help improve your appearance! Any areas on the face and neck with saggy skin can be seamlessly treated. This includes the double chin, jowls, and other areas with deep lines and loose skin.

How Quickly Will I See Results With FaceTite?

Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 6 months, and continuing up to 12 months after the procedure was completed. You will also likely notice an immediate improvement in your skin’s tone and texture.

The benefits of FaceTite are FDA-approved to last a minimum of a year. However, many people experience benefits for five years or even longer. Ways to maintain your results include wearing sunscreen, not smoking and taking overall good care of your skin.

How Is This Better Than A Facelift?

By avoiding a facelift procedure with the large incisions, patients will benefit from reduced post-procedural swelling and discomfort. This is a less traumatic process with a natural looking final result.

Signs You Can Benefit from FaceTite

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following, call our team to see how FaceTite can benefit you:

  • You want results without minimal downtime: While standard facelifts produce incredible results, the procedure itself revolves more downtime than many people have. BodyTite only requires small incisions and the entire procedure takes roughly an hour to complete. Swelling following the procedure should subside within a few days so that you are able to return to your normal routine.
  • You are beginning to notice signs of aging: FaceTite is ideal for those who have fairly elastic skin and are beginning to notice early signs of a double chin developing. Typically, patients in their 40s and 50s see great results. The procedure can produce roughly a 30-40 percent improvement in neck and jawline tightness. For those who have more drastic insecurities or problem areas, FaceTite may not be able to produce the dramatic results that a traditional facelift can.
  • You aren’t interested in surgery: Facial surgery comes with a lot of factors, including cost, recovery, undergoing general anesthesia, or potential scarring. If you are hoping to see results without fully committing to a facelift, consider FaceTite as a potential option.

The Recovery Process

The procedure uses local anesthesia for numbing, so you will only need a few stitches to close the incision. Recovery time is minimal and you will be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. You shouldn’t have to take more than a few days off of work.

Swelling is completely normal during the recovery process, especially 2-3 days after the procedure.  It can take 1-2 weeks for swelling to go down completely.

Minimal Risks

The FaceTite procedure is one of the newest and safest facial rejuvenation procedures available. It has minimal risks that are reduced even further when the procedure is completed by an experienced doctor such as Dr. Ashpole and his team.

Learn More

Are you interested in learning more about FaceTite and what it can do for your confidence? Simply contact Dr. Ashpole’s office today to learn more about FaceTite and our other nonsurgical procedure options.