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PRX Protocol

Part of our role as your go-to cosmetic surgeon in Schaumburg is ensuring that we are up-to-date on procedures that can benefit you. We are proud to offer the latest non-injectable skincare procedure that uses the latest PRX-T33 technology that was developed by an advanced Italian company.

What Is It?

PRX-T33 Therapy is a 4-step skin procedure that stimulates the deep facial tissues without causing any damage or abrasions to the surface of the skin. Each molecule of PRX-T33 has a specialized combination of fruit acids that transform your skin.

Active ingredients used in the PRX Protocol:

  • Trichloroacetic acid: This helps stimulate cells that synthesize collagen and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Trichloroacetic acid helps remove micro-particles of dirt, cosmetics and pathogenic bacteria from the skin.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: This ingredient is known for its strong antiseptic effect, as it promotes oxygen release when applied to your skin. It helps to mechanically clear out contaminants and fills your skin with pure oxygen.
  • Kojic acid: This ingredient helps to brighten the treated area and suppresses the formation of melanin, or the pigment in the skin that gives color and discolor.

What Can PRX-T33 Help Treat?

This innovative treatment is ideal for treating a variety of skin frustrations, including:

  • Fine lines and developing wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • An uneven skin surface
  • Dry skin
  • Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Acne or treating post-acne skin conditions
  • Sun damage, discoloration, hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • And so much more!

We encourage you to speak with our cosmetic surgeon in Schaumburg if you have specific questions about what skin conditions PRX-T33 can and cannot help improve.

Logistics About the Procedure

This procedure is similar to a chemical peel, however, unlike a chemical peel, you will not shed any of your skin as a result. It is a non-invasive procedure that operates similarly to a liquid laser. It is safe to use for all ages (with possible use from 15 years old to 65 years old) and it is suitable for all skin types and colors.

The deeper skin layers will be treated without damaging the top layer of the skin and this treatment can be used in combination with other skin aesthetic treatments.

We may recommend a one-time treatment or to undergo a course of 2-6 sessions to be completed over a period of time.

Contact Us with Questions!

We understand that you may have additional questions about PRX-T33 and whether or not you can benefit from this procedure. We encourage you to reach out to our cosmetic surgeon in Schaumburg and ask any questions that come to mind, and you can also schedule a consultation to learn more.