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Facelift Surgery in Chicago

Constant exposure to sunlight, smoking, stress and the natural aging process all effect your facial appearance. If you see deep creases setting in around your eyes, nose and mouth, and maybe your jaw line is beginning to sag, you may be considering a facelift.

These changes can make you look older than you feel, but with a face lift, you can restore a fresh look. Dr. Bradley Ashpole uses his experience to achieve a natural looking result, never that “she’s had surgery” look.

Chicago, Schaumburg & Naperville Candidates

Facelifts are common among both men and women, and are most often performed on those in their forties to sixties. The best facelift candidates are physically healthy, do not smoke, have fairly good elasticity in their skin, and possess specific, realistic goals.
Facelift surgery needs to be customized to each individual’s needs and it is advisable that you discuss your expectations in detail with Dr. Ashpole. Frequently, people include other procedures like a brow lift or an eyelid surgery while getting a facelift done.

Dr. Ashpole Facelift Schaumburg IL

The time required to perform your surgery may vary depending on the set of procedures which are planned. Each person’s face and requirements differ. Most cosmetic surgeons will decide the best incision placement to remove the fat and tighten your skin and soft tissues.

Depending on the degree of change desired, a traditional facelift, limited incision facelift, or a neck lift may be required. A traditional facelift redistributes fat, repositions underlying tissue, lifts deep layers of the face and muscles and reshapes overlaying skin. A limited incision lift is an alternative to a traditional facelift, allowing for the tightening of the jowls, cheeks, and neck using less extensive incisions. A neck lift addresses loose neck skin and fat under the chin, but does not correct issues higher up in the face.

Generally, these incisions are placed within the scalp and behind the ears to reduce their visibility after the face lift. Dr. Ashpole might make an incision under your chin if you need to remove the fat from your neck area.
The skin and soft tissues will be separated in order to be repositioned to improve the overall shape of your face. Once separated, the muscles will be tightened to give a firm look. Excess skin will be removed. Lastly, the skin will be pulled back and stitched in the proper position.

Schaumburg IL Facelift Recovery

Pain and recovery time are the most common concerns for patients opting for a face lift. Dr. Ashpole, performs all procedures under general anesthesia. He will also advise you on the precautions you should take during your recover period. After surgery you should expect a short period of bruising and swelling before the final result is realized.

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To decide which treatment is suitable for you, set up a one-on-one consultation with Dr Ashpole for your facelift. Schaumburg plastic surgery patients can call 847.884.8346 to setup a consultation with Dr. Ashpole. Additional information can also be obtained by filling out our online inquiry form.