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Breast Reduction

Reasons For Breast Reduction Surgery

Women often seek breast reduction for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Breasts that are disproportionately large can cause women to feel self-conscious about their bodies. They can also make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly hinder exercise and physical activity, or cause chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. For women seeking breast reduction, Schaumburg plastic surgeon Dr. Ashpole offers smaller, more proportionate breasts as well as relief from chronic pain

Breast Reduction Procedure

During breast reduction, Schaumburg plastic surgeon Dr. Ashpole removes glandular tissue, fat, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller in size, with better contour, and lighter on the body’s frame. If needed, he can also shift the position of the nipple, or reduce the size of the areola, bringing it into proper proportion with the size of the new breast.

Reduce Breast Size

Ideally, a breast reduction is performed on women with fully developed breasts. It is also best performed in women who plan no future pregnancies or periods of breastfeeding. In some cases, however, a patient’s physical or emotional well-being may warrant the procedure at an earlier time. Women who undergo breast reduction often report improved body image, easier physical activity and a reduction in chronic pain after surgery.

Is Breast Reduction Covered By Health Insurance?

When performed to alleviate medical symptoms, breast reduction surgery is sometimes covered by insurance. Patients considering breast reduction surgery to relieve physical symptoms should contact their insurance provider for details.

Are You Considering A Breast Reduction?

For women seeking breast reduction, plastic surgeon Dr. Ashpole offers unmatched personal care. During your consultation, he will discuss your physical and aesthetic goals as well as any concerns you may have when considering surgical breast reduction. Schaumburg patients can schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ashpole by calling 847.884.8346 or by clicking here to fill out an online inquiry form.