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Botox in Chicago

Botox Injections Reverses the Effects of Aging

These injections are a quick, effective way to diminish wrinkles and frown lines without opting for invasive techniques like face lift surgery. This non-surgical treatment has become popular with celebrities and ordinary people alike, especially those conscious of maintaining a youthful look. Schaumburg Botox Although it is now a very routinely administered injectable wrinkle treatment, many physicians who have little knowledge of cosmetic surgery have been attracted to the popularity of BOTOX Cosmetic. Dr. Ashpole notes that it is not wise to compromise on your surgeon’s qualifications when it comes to these treatments. Many doctors offer discounts on these injectable treatments, with little knowledge of the risks and precautions that ABPS Board Certified plastic surgeons are taught to follow when using these substances.

The problem with the popularity of Botox cosmetic procedures is doctors who don’t have experience in the cosmetic surgery specialty have been drawn to that popularity. This means it’s difficult to distinguish which physicians are qualified by experience with these types of procedures. You don’t want to shortchange yourself by not researching your doctor.

If you research Dr. Ashpole, you’ll find a compassionate physician who genuinely cares about how you feel about getting physically older. You can count on him to set realistic expectations regarding results and recovery. There are risks to any procedure. However, you can rest assured you are in capable hands with Dr. Ashpole. There are a large number of satisfied patients to prove it.

You don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to afford Botox shots. These non-surgical defenses against wrinkles, crow’s feet and mouth lines are completely affordable. One of the biggest myths about these procedures is they are overly expensive. That myth is also the reason so many people go to discount doctors or people who aren’t doctors at all. Going that route can have catastrophic consequences.

Schaumburg Botox

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