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Clear + Brilliant® Touch

Give Your Skin A Touch Of Brilliance.

The Clear + Brilliant® Complete Treatment is a laser treatment engineered to help prevent the early signs of aging, maintain a youthful look, and improve the overall appearance of your skin. This customizable treatment will help your skin look and feel younger while also appearing more radiant.

Benefits Of The Clear + Brilliant Complete Treatment

If you consider glowing, younger-looking skin to be a benefit, the Clear + Brilliant Complete Treatment was made for you! Other benefits to the treatment include:

No Surgery Or Injections – No Downtime!

This treatment is non-invasive. No cutting or needles are involved in the procedure. One of the safest laser treatments available – you can get the Clear and Brilliant Touch treatments anytime of the year. We recommend once a month treatment to optimize overall skin appearance.

Customizable Treatment

With two treatment options for your face, chest, or hands, you’ll be able to customize your session in order to get your desired outcome. Clear and Brilliant Touch treatments can help improve the overall appearance and quality of aging and dull skin.

We have specialized treatments that also improve unpleasant skin conditions, including rosacea and melasma. Call Dr. Ashpole’s office today at 847-884-8346 to discuss your own customizable treatment.

Quick And Effective

One treatment session can last 30-45 minutes and can leave your skin feeling smooth, looking younger, and letting off a radiant glow.

It’s the laser for all seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring! Don’t let your skin damage get out of control during the summer months when you are out in the sun. A quick Complete Treatment can prevent long-term damage caused by harsh sun exposure during the summer months.

All Skin Types + All Ages

The Clear + Brilliant Complete Treatment works with all Fitzpatrick (I-VII) skin types, all ages, and during any time of the year. You’ll see visible results with just one treatment, no matter your skin type.

What Are The Different Types Of Treatment?

Original Treatment

This treatment uses a handpiece that goes deeper beneath the surface of the skin in order to improve fine lines and wrinkles, minimize the appearance of pores, and boost collagen production.

Perméa Treatment

This treatment utilizes a second handpiece that treats closer to the surface of the skin in order to improve skin tone, minimize the appearance of pigment (melasma), and increases the skin’s permeability, which helps increase the absorption of your favorite skincare products.

Original + Perméa Treatments = The Complete Treatment

The Clear + Brilliant Complete Treatment helps prevent the signs of aging, maintain youthful, radiant skin, and improves the overall appearance of your skin. There’s also little to no downtime after your treatment. You’ll be back to your normal routine the very same day.

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