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What is Restylane? – Chicago, Schaumburg & Naperville

Similar to Botox in Schaumburg, Restylane is made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which can be found naturally in our body. As we age, the hyaluronic acid content in our bodies tends to decrease, which contributes to the loss of elasticity of our skin, ultimately leaving us with loose skin that we didn’t once have. In addition, as we age, the volume of fat in our face tends to decrease and shift. Both of these problems result in lines and wrinkles.

An injection of Restylane at problem spots on your face like the nasolabial folds, the corner of your mouth and lips will restore the volume and reduce these fine lines to almost invisible levels and give you the appearance of smooth skin. Since there are no incisions, the downtime is generally very brief and most patients return to work following the injections.

What Can Restylane Treat?

Restylane is an ideal treatment for many different areas. It helps smooth away stubborn facial wrinkles and can even provide subtle lip enhancement. If you have frustrating lines around your mouth, Restylane is an ideal option to smooth lines. It can also add volume to the cheeks and lift them for a brighter, younger appearance. Finally, some patients even utilize Restylane in order to reverse the signs of volume loss in the back of the hands.

Side Effects of Restylane

Rest assured that the side effects of Restylane are minimal and won’t require the disruption of your daily routine. When Restylane is initially injected, you may feel slight discomfort at the injection site. As a precaution, Dr. Ashpole numbs this area with a topical anesthetic before beginning. The side effects of this procedure are minimal. Slight redness, tenderness, swelling, itching or bruising may occur. If present, it usually lasts less than a week and is easily camouflaged with make-up.

Restylane – Chicago, Schaumburg & Naperville Patients Consult Dr. Ashpole

To learn whether this dermal filler treatment is the solution for your wrinkles, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashpole to evaluate you skin for Restylane. Chicago area patients can call 847.884.8346 to book an appointment. Or for more information click here and fill in the online inquiry form. We look forward to helping improve your self-confidence!