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Understanding Reconstructive Breast Surgery

In honor of October marking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our team at Ashpole Plastic Surgery knows the importance of healthy breast tissue. Many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy are searching for options that help them feel more confident in their own skin. In this case, a breast augmentation in Palatine is an ideal solution.

Factors to Consider

Did you know that there are multiple factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding the type of breast reconstruction surgery? Factors include:

  • The type of mastectomy that was used
  • The type of cancer treatments
  • The patient’s overall body type

Implant Reconstruction

In some cases, implant reconstruction is the right choice for restoring the look and feel of your natural breasts. The patient will be able to choose from either saline or silicone gel. Feel free to ask our team any questions and we can help explain what we think is best in your situation. This type of surgery is easier on the front-end of the process, but they are more prone to additional surgeries in the future to correct common problems related to implants.

Autologous Reconstruction

This type of procedure consists of using tissue that is transplanted from another area of your body (think your belly, your thigh, or your back). This type of reconstruction is also referred to as “flap” reconstruction, and while it may require more up-front work and recovery, in the long run, patients who undergo flap surgery oftentimes have smooth recoveries.

Our team at Ashpole Plastic Surgery wants to make it as simple as possible to restore your confidence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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