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Nipple Reconstruction

Creating the nipple areola is the final component to making your breast reconstruction complete. There have been numerous approaches to nipple reconstruction over the last 30 years, and with several options available, Dr. Ashpole can assess the appropriate method that is most suitable for patients. There is no one absolute best method of nipple reconstruction for all patients. Some patients are comfortable without having a nipple, and do not wish to have further surgery. Others choose the non-surgical option of tattooing without reconstruction. This allows color pigmentation to simulate the nipple areola without the contour of an actual nipple. Still, the reconstruction of the nipple areola helps to put the finishing touches on the new breast after a long journey in reconstruction.

For nipple reconstruction after mastectomy, small, local flaps of skin and fat are pulled up from the breast to create a projecting nub. This is successful in creating a more natural breast appearance.

Nipple reconstruction after mastectomy is not a mandatory step in the breast reconstruction process. There are women who choose to not undergo this final stage of the breast restoration process.

However, nipple reconstruction after mastectomy is generally encouraged for breast reconstruction patients, as the procedure adds so much to the appearance of the breast. Having the most natural appearing breast possible after reconstruction can go a long way towards enhancing a woman’s self-confidence and sense of femininity.

It should be noted that nipple reconstruction after mastectomy procedures are also covered by your insurance.

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