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The Best Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

As your body’s largest organ, keeping your skin looking fresh and young is sometimes difficult, especially with age. Of course, you may want to opt for Botox in Schaumburg if you are not happy with the way your skin looks. Beyond procedures, there are many ways you can take care of your skin at home. Here are some ingredients to use to keep your skin glowing, tight and flawless regardless of your age.


Activated charcoal masks have been all the rage in recent months, and for good reason. The ingredients can help absorb toxins and keep debris out of skin pores. Consider investing in a charcoal mask to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Mud & Clay

It may sound counterintuitive to put mud and clay on your face to clean it, but it is a great way to hydrate your skin. These ingredients have long been used for their skin-healing benefits, and they can also help inflammatory skin issues like eczema and psoriasis.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea and beauty products go hand-in-hand, especially in recent years. You’ll want to get your hands on this before the summer starts, as it can help reduce sun damage and protect your skin from cancer. When combined with caffeine and resveratrol, green tea is also a great way to get rid of facial redness.

When combined with Botox in Schaumburg, the above ingredients can be incorporated into your skincare routine for optimal results. If you have questions about skin care or Botox, contact Ashpole Plastic Surgery for more information.

Source: LA Times

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