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Myths About Plastic Surgery

Over the years, plastic surgery has gotten a bad reputation for being only for those who want to improve how they look. In reality, services like breast augmentation in Barrington serve many purposes that are both aesthetic as well as functional. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has debunked some common myths about plastic surgery and how it goes far beyond vanity.

Myth 1: It’s Only for Women

The myth that only women opt for plastic surgery is far from the truth. While women are traditionally the recipients, more and more men are opting for plastic surgery procedures. Ranging from non-invasive procedures like Botox and laser fillers to more invasive procedures such as liposuction. These procedures not only help men feel more confident but may also give them a competitive edge in the workforce.

Myth 2: It’s the Same as Cosmetic Surgery

Did you know that there’s a difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic surgery is elective and focused on aesthetics, while plastic surgery help reconstructs facial and body defects because of birth disorders, burns, disease or trauma. Surgery like breast augmentation in Barrington may be an example of both plastic and cosmetic surgery depending on the reasoning behind it, but it is usually considered cosmetic surgery.

Myth 3: Only Famous People Get Plastic Surgery

While many famous people have received plastic surgery, it is becoming more normalized for people from many different backgrounds to receive it. Average people want to improve not only their appearance but their lives as well.

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