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Chicago Breast Lift

With age, gravity begins to take its toll on the body, the breasts in particular, the work of genetics and major life experiences like childbirth and nursing will cause them to lose some of their vitality and perk. Many women who are dissatisfied with the direction their breasts have started heading in, may choose to have a Breast Lift procedure to restore lift, firmness, and youth to their breasts.

Chicago breast lift surgery is a procedure in which an incision is made, generally around the areola, and excess skin is removed. The areola may also be repositioned or even re-sized to better match the new breasts. The remaining skin is then sutured closed around the areola and the ensuing results are higher, more youthful breasts.

A breast lift may also be done in conjunction with a breast augmentation procedure if both size increase and lift is desired. A breast lift might also be done with other body lift procedures such as tummy tuck, arm lift or buttock and thigh lift. Contact Dr. Ashpole to learn more about your breast procedure options.

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