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Tips to Know Before Your Breast Augmentation in Palatine

Opting to get a breast augmentation may seem like a scary step to take, but know that you’re in the best hands when you choose Dr. Bradley Ashpole as your plastic surgeon. He specializes in breast augmentation in Palatine and surrounding areas, helping women achieve the look and feel that they desire. 

Keep these tips in mind to help you prepare for your upcoming procedure. 

Trust Dr. Ashpole

While it’s helpful to bring in photos of the end result that you want in addition to end results that you want to avoid, it’s important that you ultimately put your trust in the hands of Dr. Ashpole and his team. Comparing yourself to other women will only result in disappointment in the end. Your skin’s elasticity, your natural body build as well as the muscle mass throughout your breast region are all taken into consideration when determining what size implant will suit your frame the best. 

CC Size Doesn’t Equate to Cup Size

It’s extremely important to note that CC sizes look different in every woman, so comparing yourself to other women’s CC size isn’t going to result in your happiness. Your height and your chest cavity factor into how large of CCs will work on your frame. What may work on other women may not work on you. Dr. Ashpole and our team can recommend what cup size we think is best to suit your frame and your needs. 

Take Time Off

While every recovery is different, it’s important to take the time off that your body needs to heal itself. Step away from work for the right amount of time and don’t push yourself to go back to the office sooner than you’re able. Taking time off from the gym is crucial as well. Your body needs all of its energy to heal. 

Your Body Will Continue to Change

What your body looks like immediately following surgery and what it will look like a year post-op are very different, so expect your body to continue to change over the next 12 months. Your implants will settle and drop into their final placement over a period of time. 

Breast augmentation in Palatine will be one of the best decisions that you make for yourself! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to schedule your consultation.

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