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Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

While some women are born with naturally small breasts and opt for a breast augmentation in Barrington, some women are also born with breasts that are uncomfortably large. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that many women opt to get to live a more comfortable lifestyle. Below are three reasons you may want to consider undergoing a breast reduction.


Breasts that are too large for your body may cause shoulder, neck and back pain because they are too heavy. Simple tasks like walking or running may be difficult because your breasts are such a barrier to your movement. You may also notice that your breasts have stretch marks on them because your breast tissue has lost elasticity.

Undesired Attention

Beyond your physical wellbeing, you might notice that breasts that are too large can attract the attention of the people around you. Stares and comments from strangers about your breasts can be a tough pill to swallow. No matter what you seem to wear, the attention is always focused on your breasts.

Breathing Problems

If you sleep on your back, your breasts may cause breathing problems because they are so heavy. Gravity naturally pushes your breasts towards the spine. However, it is difficult to sleep in any other position because they are so heavy. You can try to place a wedge pillow behind you to help redistribute the weight, but you still may experience difficulty breathing.

Getting a breast reduction can help improve your confidence and quality of life. Whether you need a breast reduction or another breast augmentation in Barrington, Ashpole Plastic Surgery is here to help.

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