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7 Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

While most people think of breast augmentation when they think of breast surgery, breast reduction can be just as valuable.

Women who are born with breasts that are uncomfortably large often experience a host of problems including back pain, embarrassment, and trouble exercising. For these people, breast reduction surgery is a solution that can help them live more comfortable and satisfying lives.

Here are 7 of the most common reasons for choosing a breast reduction.

Common Signs You’re a Candidate For Breast Reduction

1. Back Pain
Breasts that are too large for your body can cause chronic back pain. Simple tasks like walking or running may be difficult because your breasts create a barrier to your movement. Additionally, this pain may worsen when standing or walking for long periods of time.

2. Shoulder and Neck Pain
Just as heavy breasts can cause back pain, they can also put excessive strain on your shoulders and neck. This can be caused by the weight of your breasts or by bra straps that dig into your shoulders.

3. Emotional Pain
Unfortunately, the pain women experience because of their breast size isn’t always physical. You may feel embarrassed about your chest size or feel uncomfortable wearing certain types of clothing. While it’s important to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in, having large breasts can sometimes make this difficult.

4. Breathing Problems
If you sleep on your back, the weight of your breasts can sometimes cause breathing problems. This is because gravity naturally pushes your breasts down toward your spine, making it more difficult to breathe. You can try placing a wedge pillow behind you to help redistribute the weight, but you may still experience difficulty breathing at times.

5. Difficulty Exercising
Exercise is one of the most inconvenient problems faced by women with large breasts. If you have large breasts, rigorous physical activity can cause pain with movement, even while wearing a sports bra.

6. Inconvenient
The problems with large breasts are not just physical—having large breasts can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly, including bras and swimwear.

7. Unnecessary Attention
Beyond your physical wellbeing, you might notice that breasts that are too large can attract the attention of people around you. Stares and comments from strangers about your breasts can be a tough pill to swallow. No matter what you seem to wear, the attention is always focused on your breasts.

How Do I Know if I Need a Breast Reduction?

Ultimately, the decision to reduce the size of your breasts is entirely up to you. Your doctor may recommend a breast reduction if you have physical problems or limitations related to your chest size, but the final choice is yours.

Making a Decision

We recommend scheduling a consultation with a trusted breast reduction specialist before you make a final decision. They will help outline the possibilities of the procedure and determine if you’re a candidate for surgery. It’s always best to be informed about your options before making a decision one way or the other.

Reach out to a Breast Reduction Specialist

Getting a breast reduction can greatly improve your confidence and quality of life. Whether you need a breast reduction or simply a breast lift, the team at Ashpole Plastic Surgery is here to help.

Dr. Bradly Ashpole is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures. Dr. Ashpole’s top priority is helping patients feel confident and informed about the procedure at hand.

To learn whether you’re a candidate for breast reduction, reach out to our breast reduction clinic in Schaumburg.

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