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Plastic Surgery Procedures to Improve Scarring

Published by DR. Bradley Ashpole

From breast augmentation in Itasca to a simple and quick Botox injection, our team takes pride in helping our patients improve their confidence. Scars are a frustrating reality that many of our patients face, causing insecurity and timidness about hiding their skin from others. Our team at Ashpole Plastic Surgery can help you with your scar revision!

What Causes a Scar?

Scars are the result of a previous injury, accident or procedure that damage the dermis, or the deep, thick layer of the skin. In response to the damage, your body produces new collagen fibers to mend the damage, ultimately resulting in a scar. The bigger and more visible a scar is, the more determined the patient may be to get rid of it. We often see the following types of scars:

Keloid scars are typically aggressive and are known to spread beyond the original scar bounds. If the scar tissue builds up too much, it can impede the movement of the area and require surgical removal. A series of injections in addition to cryotherapy is a great option to help remove this type of scar.

Red, elevated scars that occur above the injury point are referred to as hypertrophic scars. Steroid shots and flattening sheets are ideal for treating this type of scarring.

This type of scarring results from skin burns, as the skin tightens over the muscle and underlying tissue. Contractures are unique because they may pop up along joint lines, so our team can determine the best plan to fix this type of scarring.

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