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How Much Does it Cost for a Breast Lift?

Published by DR. Bradley Ashpole

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a highly customizable procedure that can help you achieve a variety of goals. Because of this, the costs can vary largely from person to person. The experience of your surgeon, the anatomy of your body, and the specifics of your procedure can all play a role in the total price.

It’s important to schedule a consultation before deciding to go ahead with breast lift surgery. This will give your surgeon the chance to review your medical history, discuss your goals, and ensure a breast lift is the best cosmetic option for you. It will also give you a chance to ask questions to better understand the costs of the procedure at hand.

What Goes into the Final Breast Lift Price?

In total, the average cost of a breast lift typically ranges from $5,000 to $8,500. This range will greatly depend on your surgeon’s experience, the facility you choose to have the surgery done, and the techniques your surgeon utilizes.

Surgery Fee

The surgery fee will be the biggest part of the total breast lift cost. Depending on your surgeon’s experience, the surgery fee generally ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. While it may be tempting to choose a surgeon that offers discounted rates, it’s better to choose a surgeon who is board-certified, experienced, and well-trained. A breast lift is a complex procedure, so you want to ensure you’re in the best hands possible.

Operating Room Expenses

Operating room expenses may include a general anesthesia fee, a surgery center fee, and a fee for materials used during the procedure, such as sutures or medications.

Medical Evaluations

In many cases, your doctor will perform a routine medical evaluation to ensure you’re in good health for the surgery. They may also run basic laboratory tests, like blood work, to rule out any underlying conditions that could affect your surgery.


Other costs may include prescription medication and surgical garments that are needed before or after the surgery.

We want you to feel comfortable with all aspects of your breast lift, including the associated costs. If you have questions or concerns about the price of a breast lift, we’d be happy to discuss what you can expect during your initial consultation.

Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift Combination

Many women elect to do a breast lift in combination with breast implants. This option can achieve excellent results for the right candidate. It’s also a very cost-effective option since the two surgeries can be performed at the same time. This can save you on costs like operating room expenses, anesthesia, and pain medication.

Schedule a Breast Lift Consultation in Palatine

At Ashpole Plastic Surgery, we understand what a big decision it is to get a breast lift. That’s why it’s our goal to keep you as informed as possible. We want you to understand the ins and outs of your procedure so you can feel comfortable moving forward with treatment. We’re the most trusted choice for breast lifts in Palatine and the surrounding areas.

When you’re ready to learn more about breast lifts, call us at 847-231-2863 to schedule a consultation.

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