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Chicago Scar Revision

When you have a scar, particularly when it’s on part of your body that is very visible, it can make you feel self-conscious. Scars can be caused in a number of ways from surgery or an accident, and while it’s not possible to get rid of a scar entirely, they can be reduced to a much less noticeable appearance. One of the simplest ways a scar can be reduced is through steroid injections. Some scars, however, will require more than a steroid injections and will need the surgical treatment known as Scar Revision.

Scar Revision surgery is performed by Dr. Ashpole who uses many different techniques to reduce the appearance of the scar. Some of the most commonly used techniques are skin grafting, Z-plasty, and local skin flaps. The best way to determine if Scar Revision surgery is right for you, is by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ashpole. Contact our office today to schedule yours!

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