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Cosmetic Surgeon Serving the Arlington Heights Area

Arlington Heights cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bradley Ashpole, specializes in a number of areas, including breast augmentation procedures, face procedures, body contouring and medical spa procedures. Plastic surgery can help individuals achieve the physical shape and body they desire. Our facility provides state-of-the-art plastic surgery techniques and treatment options.

Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring in Arlington Heights is all about changing the present shape of your body into one you are proud of. Our treatment options include liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift or a full mommy makeover.

Breast Augmentation Procedures

Breast augmentation procedures are for those who are unhappy with the size of their breasts. We offer several options and breast enhancement treatments to help you achieve the look and comfort level you deserve. Treatment options include breast implants, breast reduction, breast lift or breast implant revision surgery.

Face Procedures

Performing face procedures is one of Dr. Ashpole’s specialties. A facelift can help reduce the physical signs of aging, and advancements in technology and techniques leave little, if any, scarring. Options include a complete facelift or focus on a single problem area with a brow lift, eyelid surgery, neck lift or chin augmentation.

Arlington Heights Medical Spa Procedures

Our medical spa procedures are minimally invasive and can help you achieve the complexion you are looking for. Treatment options include dermal fillers, Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, chemical peels and laser techniques.

Speak to an Arlington Heights plastic surgeon today about achieving the body you desire. Contact us to schedule a virtual consultation.